Interested in finding out about The Learning Tree? Click here to join the info list! Fall 2024 Session Dates: Sept 12 - Nov 21

About Us


We are pleased that you have an interest in The Learning Tree Homeschool Group. The Learning Tree Homeschool Group provides homeschooling families with Christian-viewpoint based enrichment and supplemental classes in a group setting. All homeschooling families are welcome.



Enrichment Classes

The Learning Tree Homeschool Group offers a variety of classes for children in preschool through high school. The classes are divided by age groups. As a general guideline, the maximum class size is set at 12 students for the younger grades and 15-20 for the older grades.

Field Trips

Each session we offer a variety of field trips for our students and their families.  Whether is a tour of the State House, an exhibit at a local museum, a hands-on experience in science, a local production of a play, or a visit to one of the many local parks, our field trips add additional enrichment experiences and a lot of fun!

Organized Events

Our homeschool group provides the perfect community to ensure our students get to participate in many activities beyond classes and field trips.  


Each session we organize an end-of-session Showcase event that highlights what our students have accomplished during the session.  These evening events are fun for the whole family and a great chance to include family and friends in the homeschool experience.

Teen Nights - Spring Formal

For our teens, we provide an opportunity to hang out and enjoy time with each other outside of the classroom each month with a variety of Friday night activities.  From bowling to pizza parties to pumpkin patches to game nights, our teens love getting together to just hang out!

Each Spring, we host a Spring Formal Dance.  We rent a facility, teach our teens some of the basics of ballroom dancing, then dance the night away!  Its a fun-filled event for our older students and a great chance dress up, socialize, and create some great memories.

Community Support



Classes are offered during two separate 10-week semesters. In the fall semester, classes begin in September. In the winter/spring semester, classes begin in February. You can choose to attend one or both semesters.


The Group meets on Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM at Reynoldsburg Church of the Nazarene, 1340 Crest Road, in Reynoldsburg.


The Learning Tree Group is run by families that participate. Each family plays an important role in its operation. The group depends on our members to volunteer each semester. To provide a varied range of classes for each grade level/age group, the co-op needs approximately 15-20 teachers to teach one or more classes. If you are not teaching you are required to volunteer  in some capacity each week. Volunteer positions include: classroom helper, hall monitor, nursery helper, cleaning person, gathering room monitor, and floats who fill in positions as needed. There is a board that facilitates the process of the group.  As you can see, with the help of all families we can accomplish the tasks necessary to run the group successfully.

There is a nursery available for those members who are teaching classes as well as for those who are volunteering.

We are excited to have you as a part of our home school group family!